Membership List Request

Permissible Use of the Leadership Oklahoma City, Inc. Membership List

Leadership Oklahoma City, Inc. may provide its membership list to members of the public in accordance with the following standards in order to advance its mission of developing leaders. Leadership Oklahoma City, Inc. reserves the right to refuse to provide its mailing list for purposes that are not in accordance with its stated mission.

An electronic version of the membership list is available to non-profits for $25, to members of Leadership Oklahoma City for their personal use for $50, or for their business use or for the use of political campaigns in which they are involved for $100. For-profit organizations without an LOKC graduate as a sponsor may purchase the list for $500.

Requests for Board Members

Leadership Oklahoma City sometimes receives requests for community members who are interested in serving on community boards and commissions. We ask those organizations to complete a form that gives details about the organization and its need for community volunteers, and then LOKC posts those requests here. Click on the button to see the form submitted by the organization. If volunteering as a board member for that organization interests you, follow the instructions at on the form to contact the organization (not LOKC) directly.