Membership List Request

Leadership Oklahoma City, Inc., in agreeing to provide its membership list to the undersigned user, requires that the user adhere to the following rules and restrictions:

1. The membership list is provided only for the purpose the user has indicated on this agreement.

2. The membership list is provided for a one-time use.

Users are not permitted to duplicate the list for additional use. Leadership Oklahoma City includes telltales in its list in order to track the use of the list.

3. The membership list is provided only for the person whose name appears as the user on this agreement.

The list may not be given by the user to another person for his or her use at this or a later time.

4. If the stated use of the list is for political purposes, candidates or their surrogates who purchase our mailing list must provide us with the names and mailing addresses of all other candidates registered or announced in the same race so that Leadership Oklahoma City, Inc. can provide the other candidates with a notice of the availability of the membership for their use.

Leadership Oklahoma City, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and does not endorse political candidates. The sale and availability for sale of its mailing list to candidates is within federal tax policy for 501(c)(3) organizations and does not imply endorsement of any candidate.

5. The user may not use “Leadership Oklahoma City,” “Leadership Oklahoma City, Inc.,” “LOKC,” “Leadership OKC,” “Leadership Alum,” or any other word, logo, graphic, or phrase intended to refer to Leadership Oklahoma City, Inc. in any accompanying material, video, or verbal use of the membership list without the express written consent of Leadership Oklahoma City’s President or Executive Director.

6. The user must not imply in its message that Leadership Oklahoma City organizationally endorses the message.

7. Emails sent to the membership list MUST BE sent BCC or in another format that does not reveal the entire list to recipients.

8. If an “Unsubscribe” option is part of the message, the unsubscribe target must link back to the sending organization and not to Leadership Oklahoma City.

The user may not in any way indicate that Leadership Oklahoma City, Inc. supports, sponsors, or approves of the content of the message for which the membership list is used.

Users must clearly and unambiguously indicate that the actions taken or the statements made are those of the individuals and not of the organization. Acts of individuals that are not authorized by Leadership Oklahoma City, Inc. will be publicly disavowed by Leadership Oklahoma City, Inc. Leadership Oklahoma City, Inc. reserves the right to notify, publicly or privately, recipients of materials that violate the terms of this agreement that user’s distribution of such materials is in violation of the terms of this agreement. User indemnifies Leadership Oklahoma City against any loss, cost, claim, or expense arising out of user’s violation of the terms of this agreement.

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Requests for Board Members

Leadership Oklahoma City sometimes receives requests for community members who are interested in serving on community boards and commissions. Please complete the form below. Requests will be posted for 30 days

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Board Member Openings

Friends of Will Rogers Gardens Foundation

Peggy Wood,

The Mission of the Friends of Will Rogers Gardens Foundation is to offer financial support for beautification, education and preservation projects at Will Rogers Gardens, in order to enhance the use and appreciation of the Gardens by the public and the greater Oklahoma City community.

Posted 10/15/19