Membership List Request

Permissible Use of the Leadership Oklahoma City, Inc. Membership List

Leadership Oklahoma City, Inc. may provide its membership list to members of the public in accordance with the following standards in order to advance its mission of developing leaders. Leadership Oklahoma City, Inc. reserves the right to refuse to provide its mailing list for purposes that are not in accordance with its stated mission.

An electronic version of the membership list is available to non-profits for $25, to members of Leadership Oklahoma City for their personal use for $50, or for their business use or for the use of political campaigns in which they are involved for $100. For-profit organizations without an LOKC graduate as a sponsor may purchase the list for $500.

Each person or organization requesting use of the LOKC mailing list whether addresses or e-mail addresses, must agree in writing, as a condition of such use, to use the list only in conformity with the Policies on Political Activities of Leadership Oklahoma City, Inc.

Leadership Oklahoma City, Inc. will use reasonable efforts to observe a graduate’s request not to include his/her information in lists available for purchase. Such a request must be made at the graduate’s initiation; Leadership Oklahoma City, Inc. is not obligated to ask for the graduate’s permission. 

Policies on Political Activity and the Use of the Leadership Oklahoma City, Inc. Membership List

Leadership Oklahoma City, Inc., in its mission-driven work of “developing leaders,” strongly encourages its members’ individual participation in the political process, as the individual chooses. Leadership Oklahoma City, Inc., itself, however, is by statute and purpose a nonpartisan organization. Attracting a membership with a diversity of perspectives is a key strategy in developing leaders, and is critical to effective community leadership training. In order to encourage involvement by its members in the political process while maintaining an organizational nonpartisan stance, Leadership Oklahoma City, Inc. is governed by these policies regarding political activity.

Permitted Activities
Leadership Oklahoma City, Inc. may hold forums with candidates for elective office if the following conditions are met: 
· All legally qualified candidates are invited
 · The questions are prepared and presented by an independent nonpartisan panel
· The topics discussed cover a broad range of issues of interest to the public
· Each candidate has an equal opportunity to present his or her views on the issues discussed
· The moderator does not comment on the questions or otherwise make comments that imply approval or disapproval of any of the candidates
· A statement is made that the views expressed are those of the candidates and not of the organization; that the organization endorses no candidate; that the presentation is made as a public service; and that equal opportunities have been presented to all legally qualified candidates. 

Leadership Oklahoma City, Inc. may hold or sponsor voter registration drives or get-out-the-vote drives so long as the drive is conducted in a nonpartisan manner. Leadership Oklahoma City, Inc. may hold events in government-owned properties. Government-owned facilities, including but not limited to such facilities as City Council Chambers, the State Capitol, and the Governor’s Mansion, are appropriate for organizational activities. 

Leadership Oklahoma City, Inc. may use elected officials as presenters so long as they are not actively engaged in a campaign for an office for which residents of central Oklahoma may vote at the time the publicity for the event or the event itself occurs, except in cases such as forums where all candidates for the office are invited or the presenter speaks only in a capacity relating to his or her expertise.   Leadership Oklahoma City, Inc. may use appointed officials in its programming and activities as appropriate. These restrictions apply only to elected officials. 

Leadership Oklahoma City, Inc. may take a position of support or of nonsupport for a public ballot issue; however, such a stand may be taken only after an affirmative vote by the Board of Directors directing such a stand of support or nonsupport be taken. No individual, group of individuals, class, or other group may take a public stand on a ballot issue in the name of Leadership Oklahoma City, Inc. Neither an Executive Committee nor the Youth Leadership Exchange Board of Directors may act in lieu of the Leadership Oklahoma City, Inc. Board of Directors on such a matter. While a public stand on a ballot issue is permitted, such a stand is discouraged, on the basis of creating any appearance of partisanship on the part of the organization.

Requests for Board Members

Leadership Oklahoma City sometimes receives requests for community members who are interested in serving on community boards and commissions. We ask those organizations to complete a form that gives details about the organization and its need for community volunteers, and then LOKC posts those requests here. Click on the button to see the form submitted by the organization. If volunteering as a board member for that organization interests you, follow the instructions at on the form to contact the organization (not LOKC) directly.